Custom Field Training 

Learn to see your market like an expert.  Tap the full potential of your acquisitions!

With this 1-on-1 custom training you will:

  • Explore the market of your choice is greater depth
  • Learn the key indicators of Growth, Stability & Decline
  • Improve your multi-family strategy


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What You Get

Your custom Field Training will deepen your on-the-ground knowledge.

Work 1-on-1 with an Expert Guide

Spend a day and a half going in-depth .

Go In-depth

Get a detailed review of REIndicator Micro-Neighborhood map of your market, and learn how to make the most of it.

Compare 3 Multi Family Properties

Study the neighborhoods surrounding three prospective properties.

Tour the Market of Your Choice

In your home market, or another you select.

Trace the "Path of Progress"

Explore how this impacts your multi family strategy.

Determine Your Next Steps

Create an itemized Action list and detailed plans for your expert multi-family strategy.

Become an expert

By touring a market with an expert, you will learn how to 'read' a market--how to know what's a good sign and what's not-so-good.  This skill will easily translate to other markets and build your confidence in identifying, describing, and capitalizing on detailed market knowledge. Your sponsors and capital partners will be impressed with your clarity and focus.

Learn by Doing

The classroom is the streets and neighborhoods 

By going in the field, the all of the examples are more understandable and far more memorable. You will learn how to document the facts on the ground, and what to itemize for further research.  Take lots of pictures and learn how to shoot video to generate keen interest from your partners.  There’s nothing quite like actually doing that makes learning memorable and repeatable. 

Build your Analytical Skills

Facts on the ground lead to great questions, and opportunity

A multi-family property is not an island  Now hat you are well-trained to underwrite and analyze the bricks and mortar within the property’s boundaries, you need need to get familiar with the potential–and the limits–of the property as enabled by its surroundings.  This will help with analyzing tenant bases, planning for value-add upgrades, and even the potential exit scenarios.  What’s close-by, and within easy reach, defines the full potential of a property.  Get to know it, and know it well.  On every asset you consider and operate.

Yes! I want to schedule a custom Field Training in my Market!

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