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See market potential from your desk! REIndicator ANALYZER™ is an indispensable resource for making more informed decisions, designed specifically for multifamily investors. This online mapping system includes all of the features in our SNAPSHOT system, designating each MicroNeighborhood™ an A, B, C or D grade, the estimated Market Cycle of all 380+ Metropolitan areas, plus the Emerging Markets. ANALYZER adds Population and Employment data, plus a detailed Multifamily Directory for each location.

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Focus on what you're really looking for: the right deal in the right place!

The REIndicator ANALYZER™ system is an easy-to-use online system for multifamily investors. ANALYZER is a fully functional mapping tool you can use on any computer, with additional features not available on REIndicator SNAPSHOTS™. This indispensable resource supports more informed investment decisions, so you waste less time analyzing off-mission properties and focus on the right deals.

ANALYZER™ includes

  • MicroNeighborhoods™
  • Market Cycles
  • Population and Employment data
  • Multifamily Directory

View multifamily market areas in context: What's next door? What's across the street? Is this property really in a B neighborhood? REIndicator grades individual MicroNeighborhoods™ at a granular level – almost block by block. With grades from A to D, you can quickly and easily assess whether a property offers you a great deal, even when you're not familiar with the market.

It helps you to understand the likely Market Cycles of every Metropolitan area (all 380+) across the US. This can help you in selecting markets that are showing a greater likelihood of growth--which can boost your rents, equity growth, and total returns.

Additionally, you get access to more vital Population and Employment for each Metro area.  This will give you more insight when selecting markets, and help you communicate your options and decisions with your business partners.

ANALYZER also includes our Multifamily Directory. See nearby properties for more accurate comps, critical help in determining rent potential and the purchase price of the property.

Get all of this powerful data on your side!