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Understand where your portfolio is headed with  REIndicator Anticipator™,  developed exclusively for multifamily investors to keep their finger on the pulse of our changing economy and evaluate how this impacts your properties — acquisition, management and exit strategy decisions. Anticipator includes up-to-date market data that enhance your underwriting and increase confidence to take action.


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REIndicator Anticipator™ is an online mapping system for multifamily investors. Anticipator is a fully functional tool you can use on any computer. It's an indispensable resource for making more informed investment decisions.

Anticipator™ includes:

  • MicroNeighborhoods™ A/B/C/D Classifications
  • Emerging Markets
  • Market Cycles (coming Fall 2020)
  • Population and Employment Market Popups for all 380+ Markets
  • Multifamily Directory
  • Market Popups Trend Graphs
  • Emerging Markets Animated Times Series
  • Emerging Neighborhoods

View multifamily market areas in context: What's next door? What's across the street? Is this property really in a B neighborhood REIndicator grades individual MicroNeighborhoods™ at a granular level – almost block by block. With grades from A to D, you can quickly and easily assess whether a property offers you a great deal, even when you're not familiar with the market.

Focus on the Emerging Markets that best fit your business model. This can help you in selecting markets that are showing a greater likelihood of growth--which can boost your rents, equity growth, and total returns.

And with Anticipator, the Emerging Markets module includes the Emerging Markets Animated Time Series (not available in Snapshots or Analyzer) so you can easily see historical trends that help you get the feel for the rhythm of each market, with data for the last 30 years at your fingertips. With the Emerging Markets Animated Time Series turned on, you can look year by year, and watch the pulse of the markets change!

You will also get instant and complete access to the new Market Cycles Module upon release in Fall 2020, which helps you to understand the likely Market Cycles (Buyer's I, Buyer's II, Seller's I, or Seller's II) of every Metropolitan area (all 380+) across the US.

Additionally, you get access to more vital data points about each Metro area via Market Popups. This will give you more insight when selecting markets, and help you communicate your options and decisions with your business partners.

Anticipator also include and additional Market Popups component not available in Snapshots or Analyzer: Market Popups Trend Graphs for each market!

Anticipator also includes access to the REIndicator Multifamily Directory, so you can see which properties are nearby, and more easily make apples-to-apples comparisons, critical help in determining rent potential and the purchase price of the property.

Perhaps best of all, the Emerging MicroNeighborhoods™ maps (exclusive to Anticipator) give you yet another boost, showing you which neighborhoods have shown a pattern of growth that is propelling them forward ahead of other neighborhoods. You cannot find this anywhere else--and you will soon wonder how you did without it!

Put all of this data on your side so you can make smarter, more informed decisions and move with greater efficiency in your acquisitions process.  Waste less time analyzing off-mission properties and focus in on what you are really looking for--the right deal in the right place!