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REIndicator Snapshots™

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See market potential from your desk! REIndicator Snapshots™ is an indispensable resource for making informed multifamily investing decisions. This online mapping system designates each MicroNeighborhood™ an A, B, C or D grade. See nationwide maps of Emerging Markets and Market Cycles with monthly updates!

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Spend less time scrounging for market data and traveling to the wrong kinds of properties, and more of your time analyzing quality deals!

The REIndicator Snapshots™ system is a fully functional mapping tool for multifamily investors.
Easy-to-use, Snapshots is an online tool you can use on any computer.  It's an indispensable resource for making more informed investment decisions.

With the MicroNeighborhoods™ module, you can view your potential properties in context: What's next door? What's across the street? Is this property really in a B neighborhood like the broker has suggested?  REIndicator grades individual MicroNeighborhoods™ at a granular level – almost block by block. Grades from A to D let you quickly and easily see whether a property offers you a great deal, even when you're not familiar with the market.

Grow your portfolio in areas that have stronger upside potential by focusing on the Emerging Markets that are best for your business. You will also get complete and instant access the Market Cycles module that classifies each market (Buyer's I, Buyer's II, Seller's 1, Seller's II) when it is released in Fall 20201.

Easily print or create PDFs of maps and reports to make stunning presentations.

Get this powerful data on your side, streamline your acquisitions and grow your business!